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Rodent Tuber / Typhonium Flagelliforme

As a natural supplement may help to combat
cancer/tumor and stimulate anti body
Cancer Supplement - Rodent Tuber   
Common name: Rodent Tuber, Keladi Tikus, Tu Ban Xia or Lao Shu Yu
Botanical name: Typhonium flagelliforme

Rodent tuber is a herbal plant which grows up to 30cm in height. It has an oblong whitish tuber, triangular leaves ad a spathe. Rodent Tuber grows wild in wasteland and is native to the South East Asian countries. It is commonly used to provide relief in cough and asthma.

Rodent tuber plant is mild, tastes bitter and is slightly toxic. It can detoxicate, reduce swelling, get rid of boils and pus, stop bleeding, ease pain and is effective in the treatment of lymphatic problems. Farmers speak of this herbs’ effectivity in detoxification. Rodent tuber can cleanse the system of accumulated toxicity, ease urination and bowel movement and generally clean up the digestive system. Taking it would also increase one's appetite, improve health, revitalize the person who would tire easily.

As a medicinal plant, rodent tuber is also used as traditional remedy for treating different types of malignancy: breast, lung, colon, lymphoma, leukaemia and liver cancer.

Rodent tuber has shown ANTI-CANCER EFFECT on NCI-H23 cancer cell line by inducing apoptosis (Choon et al.,2008). It also demonstrates the inhibitory effect on CEM-ss Human T4-lymphoblastoid cell line (S.Mohan et al.,2008).

How does Rodent Tuber work in treating cancer ?

Cytological observation on rodent tuber’s plant properties has shown: the cancerous cells responded when induced by various active compounds (DCM/F7, DCM/F11, DCM/F12, D/F21, D/F19, etc) of this rodent tuber’s plant extract. Some response took place in: cell shrinkage, abnormalities of cristae, membrane blebbing, cytoplasmic extrusions, DNA fragmentation and formation of apoptotic bodies of cancerous cells.

Rodent Tuber in cancer treatment

Rodent Tuber or Typhonium flagelliforme extract and other herbs combination help in the detoxification of the blood system. This formula contains ribosome in acting protein (RIP), anti oxidant, and anti curcumin. Together triggered cells may in turn produce mediators that stimulate and strengthen other cells of the immune system of the body to combat the cancerous cells. Since the growth of cancerous cells is reversible given the correct chemical stimulus and environment, this explanation is not far-fetched.

Typhonium Plus® formula traditionally used by cancer/tumor patients to combat breast, cervical, colon, rectum, liver, prostate, leukemia, lymphoma and lung cancer.

TF-Typhonium Flagelliforme® Registered under National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau, Ministry of Health Malaysia approval No. MAL09071079TC

Suggested Usage:
Stage I, take 1 capsule 2 times daily before meal.
Stage II, take 2 capsule 2 times daily before meal.
Stage III, take 3 capsule 2 times daily before meal.
Stage IV, take 4 capsules 2 times daily before meal; or as directed by health care practitioner.

Typhonium flagelliforme/Rodent Tuber 100%

Packing size:
Packing with 180 capsules.

- Two days after consuming TF-Typhonium Flagelliforme®, you may feel stomach problem, little diare, faeces turn black and body feel fatigue.
- Sometimes patient may vomit after consumption, if this symptoms happened stop taking the capsule ,when you feel better, you can continue taking the capsules but reduce the dosage or consult with your medical practitioner.
- Pregnant women should not take these capsules

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Our Main Principles

    We do not substitute medical doctors. We advise you to seek proper medical help.
    We advocate the use of natural herbal formula towards your healing.
    We do not guarantee that the natural herbal formula can cure you of your cancer/tumor, but experiences of others showed that the herbs brought great relief and healing.
    Healing can only come if you lead a healthy lifestyle, free of stress (physical and mental) and take proper food. Having peace of mind and to believe in God is just as important as taking herbs or the right medical treatment