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1. Are there any side effects from taking Typhonium Flagelliforme? How? 
Currently, there are no known side effects documented. However, after two days of medication consumed, you may feel uncomfortable in the stomach, slight nausea, stool black and you feel lethargic due to the removal of toxins in the body, and if this occurs, reduce the dose or stop taking a moment to feel uncomfortable stop , when you feel better, you can continue taking the capsules with dosage quantity as usual.

2. Do Typhonium Flagelliforme really NATURAL and SAFE?
Yes, Typhonium Flagelliforme and approved locally by tests in the laboratory, and is certified 100% herbal, approved by the Ministry of Health Malaysia and around the world may well be harmless. Typhonium Flagelliforme is categorized as a "food supplement". Typhonium Flagelliforme not a prohibited substance or controlled substance anywhere in the world.

 3. How long before taking this product I was able to see the results?
It is recommended and important to continue taking this product for a minimum of three months before being able to see the result, for some patients, in the first month but its effect has not appeared in the second effect is very encouraging, but generally, the results can be seen within 3-6 months. Effects are different depending on each patient.

4. What is the stage of the cancer that can be treated with this product? 
Level I and above.

5. Can be taken with other conventional medicines? What if after chemotherapy? 
It is better if not taken with other conventional medicines, however if you want to be taken with other conventional medicines should be spaced the diet for one to two hours. Can be taken during chemotherapy.

6. After recovering, do patients have to take this product? 
It is up to the patient, but most continue to take this product by reducing the dose. 1 capsule a day.

7. How Typhonium Flagelliforme can help cancer patients?
Typhonium Flagelliforme contain substances that help the elimination of toxins in the circulatory system. This herb contains ribosome
inacting protein (RIP), anti oxidant nutrients and nutritional anti curcumin. RIP works weaken cancer cell growth, turn off cancer cells without disturbing the surrounding system and inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Essence of antioxidants works to prevent the occurrence of damage to genes. While nutritional anti curcumin functions as an anti-inflammatory / anti-inflammatory. This combination enabled content to produce mediators that stimulate to strengthen the cells of the immune system to work together to fight cancer cells.

8. Are pregnant women can use this product?
No, pregnant women are not allowed to use this product because of the concern will affect the content.

9. If there is a lump in my breast or lumps but not clear whether cancer or not, can I continue to use this product? 
Yes, you can continue to use this product for non-cancer patients.

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Publish Journal / Paper

Keladi Tikus (Typhonium Flagelliforme) was investigated by the local universities and abroad to make the access we have provided a link below for your review:

Research from University,




Company info and Licence

Berkat Herba Nusantara is a registered company with SSM (KT0302177-U) to distribute health products. We are committed to delivering the best service to the community, was established in early 2008, Berkat Herba Nusantara is now able to meet the demand of about 90 to 150 orders per month, and that figure is expected to increase year after year. With the trust given and support from various agency, Berkat Herba Nusantara will continue to take the herbal industry to meet the domestic and overseas. 

Please check :

TF (Typhonium Flagelliforme 400mg) was approved by the Ministry of Health Malaysia No. MAL09071079TC approval, periodic inspections are always done as quality inspection of raw materials, manufacturing machinery inspection by the Ministry of Health and also an active ingredient in each dose produced to ensure that each product is at its best and satisfactory. 

Please check :

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How to stop cancer.... Take TF-TYPHONIUM FLAGELLIFORME®

This is our suggestion for your battle plan: fight cancer the Cancer Care Therapy way.

1. Give your total commitment to fight the disease
2. Seek proper medical advice
3. Take herbs
4. Eat rightly
5. Lead a stress- free life

When we think of war, what comes uppermost to our mind is Vietnam. Mighty America went to the battle field with the most sophisticated gadgets and weapons of war. Might, terror money and brain went into the fight to win. The Vietnamese had primitive weaponry and burrowed them selves into the ground to avoid the mighty Americans. The world knows, the Vietnamese won the war!

Perhaps fighting cancer is like the above war ? Surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy etc, are advanced, mighty fire power. Cancer cells are just tiny enemies floating and circulating around in the blood stream that later attach them selves to certain tissues of the body. Can these awesome treatments destroy all cancerous cells yet at the same time not destroy the host i.e.. you and your living systems ?

In our strategy to fight cancer, while we advise you to seek the assistance of modern medicine, we also feel you should benefit from the traditional methods of healing. We think you should help your body to build or rebuild a strong immune system. Let your own body’s defence system destroy or fight the cancerous cells. Fight the war from within! The mighty, sophisticated weaponry of modern medicine may not be totally effective!

1. Total Commitment to fight the disease.

This is your battle, not ours. We help you with our advice but you have to fight the battle yourself. Indeed, it is also your last fight. And if you do not have that fighting spirit, no one else can help you.

Some people may comment that taking the Typhonium Flagelliforme capsule can be harmful; surely, it cannot be worse than chemotherapy! Sometimes, taking herbs can make your stomach churn for one or two days. Then, you give up. If you have doubts you can take anything, the suspicious brain sends suspicious signals and your body reacts negatively.

We have not come across anyone taking Typhonium Flagelliforme who later suffer from adverse side effects. We are also aware that it is difficult to change a stubborn or unbelieving attitude. A friend once told us of a doctor who said, Eating herbs is like eating grass, implying that those who eat herbs are cows! If you have that frame of mind, then this battle plan is not for you. You have lost the battle even before it starts.

Referring to the comment of the learned doctor, we have this to say: cows only eat grass, and because they only eat grass, we do not hear of cows having serious problems like cancer, heart attacks or diabetes. It is because human beings are not cows or do not (only) eat grass that we have all these man-made killer diseases.

2. Seek proper medical advice

If you have cancer, we urge you to seek proper medical advice. We absolutely believe that the role of modern medicine should not be ignored. All along we also advocate that you need to seek the best and benefit from both modern and traditional medicines.

As you will probably know, doctors have the following options for you:

• Surgery – cut and remove the diseased cancerous tissue.
• Radiotherapy – use high energy rays to burn and kill the surrounding tissues.
• Chemotherapy – inject poisonous chemicals into your body in the hope of killing the cancerous cells. This unfortunately also kills your good cells and weakens the immune system of your body.
• In advanced countries, you can undergo a bone marrow transplant. In this case, the doctor tries to kill everything in your body and then grow a new life system in you.
• If all these fail, the doctor gives up. You have come to the end of the road. The doctor sends you home with a good supply of pain killers or morphine. You are ready to die. They call that palliative management.

Many of those who came to us have undergone the first three medical steps and are at the fifth. From the experiences of these people, we conclude that there are at least two types of doctors.

One, there is the doctor who is understanding. He knows his job yet admits his knowledge is limited. Your are lucky to have him as your doctor. Go to him for help. He may not object to your taking traditional herbs as supplements.

There is, however, the other kind of doctor who thinks that only his treatment is the best. Absolutely no herbs. Adhere strictly to his treatment or he shows you the door. This God-like attitude is most unfortunate. Avoid this kind of doctor if you can. Shop around for the first kind. If you have no choice and are compelled to go to this man-God, simply do not let him know that you are taking herbs. Anyway, if there is nothing wrong taking fresh orange or apple juice, what is the big fuss about taking fresh green juice extracted from a Typhonium Flagelliforme?

3. Alternative way take Extract:

They are many available herbs in market for cancer. Our recommendation to cure from cancer is to consume capsule Typhonium Flagelliforme.

4. Eat Rightly: Food for healthy living.

In a booklet, Patients’ Handbook on Chemotherapy, handed out by the Cancer Hospital the following is written:

Q14: Is there any special nutritional advice I should follow ? There is no particular food that you should avoid. It is important to have a well-balanced diet, one that is high in protein... Examples of food that are high in protein are meat, fish, egg, milk etc.

• Cook and prepare your food at home. Avoid eating out. To say this to Penangites (who live in a hawkers’ paradise) is depressing but all the same we repeat: absolutely no hawker food if you want to win this war. The reason for this simple. You do not know what goes into the food you eat
– oil, salt, additives, etc. you need live and not dead food.

• Avoid fried and oily food. This include butter and margarine. They are not good for the liver. If you have to use oil at all, use olive oil. Avoid too much salt. Note also that refined white sugar is not good.

• Reduce meat intake to the minimum. Some may ask. Where then can I get my protein? The answer is simple. From beans and grains, etc.

• Take plenty of vegetables of all kinds, especially the green cruciferous types. In order to have diverse nutrition, take beans and other fruit vegetables. Where possible, take vegetables raw or in the least cooked form. Do not overcook them.

• Drink fresh fruit and vegetable juices. Bathe your entire inner body with this living fluid. This means you need to drink plenty of such juices. Try carrot, celery, apple juices. Note: just one glass is not enough!

• Take plenty of fresh fruits. Again, just a slice or two is not eating fruits!

• Absolutely avoid all canned or processed food. For some people, having to take fresh juices and fruits can be cumbersome – the peeling, extraction, washing etc. the convenient thing to do then is to resort to canned or bottled materials. Stop that entirely. You are just killing yourself.

If you are not used to the above diet, take it easy and make the changes gradually. Soon you will get used to it. To many, this diet is a radical change from rich, tasty meat dishes to bland vegetarian fare. But, do not grumble. The ancient Chinese wisdom of defining good healthy food cannot be wrong!

5. Lead a stress-free life.

In the book, Imperial Secrets of Health and Longevity, Bob Flaws wrote, Westerners did not know how to live healthy lives ... a long as patients did not eat right and live moderately, they either continued to be sick or got sick again soon.

In short, let us sum up the wisdom of the Chinese health theory: to conserve one’s life, do everything in moderation and lead a stress-free life.

Anger arouses the ascent of qi Joy induces sluggishness of the qi
Excessive sorrow dissipates the qi Fear causes the deceit of the qi
Fright causes the disturbance of the qi And worry causes stagnation of the qi
[In Lin & Flaws: The Dao of Increasing Longevity and Conserving One’s Life]

Your sick body needs help to rebuild it self. The immune system within you needs to fight these cancerous cells. Therefore, it is most sensible for you to do your part to conserve your qi and not abuse and waste it unnecessarily.

Rodent Tuber / Typhonium Flagelliforme

As a natural supplement may help to combat
cancer/tumor and stimulate anti body
Cancer Supplement - Rodent Tuber   
Common name: Rodent Tuber, Keladi Tikus, Tu Ban Xia or Lao Shu Yu
Botanical name: Typhonium flagelliforme

Rodent tuber is a herbal plant which grows up to 30cm in height. It has an oblong whitish tuber, triangular leaves ad a spathe. Rodent Tuber grows wild in wasteland and is native to the South East Asian countries. It is commonly used to provide relief in cough and asthma.

Rodent tuber plant is mild, tastes bitter and is slightly toxic. It can detoxicate, reduce swelling, get rid of boils and pus, stop bleeding, ease pain and is effective in the treatment of lymphatic problems. Farmers speak of this herbs’ effectivity in detoxification. Rodent tuber can cleanse the system of accumulated toxicity, ease urination and bowel movement and generally clean up the digestive system. Taking it would also increase one's appetite, improve health, revitalize the person who would tire easily.

As a medicinal plant, rodent tuber is also used as traditional remedy for treating different types of malignancy: breast, lung, colon, lymphoma, leukaemia and liver cancer.

Rodent tuber has shown ANTI-CANCER EFFECT on NCI-H23 cancer cell line by inducing apoptosis (Choon et al.,2008). It also demonstrates the inhibitory effect on CEM-ss Human T4-lymphoblastoid cell line (S.Mohan et al.,2008).

How does Rodent Tuber work in treating cancer ?

Cytological observation on rodent tuber’s plant properties has shown: the cancerous cells responded when induced by various active compounds (DCM/F7, DCM/F11, DCM/F12, D/F21, D/F19, etc) of this rodent tuber’s plant extract. Some response took place in: cell shrinkage, abnormalities of cristae, membrane blebbing, cytoplasmic extrusions, DNA fragmentation and formation of apoptotic bodies of cancerous cells.

Rodent Tuber in cancer treatment

Rodent Tuber or Typhonium flagelliforme extract and other herbs combination help in the detoxification of the blood system. This formula contains ribosome in acting protein (RIP), anti oxidant, and anti curcumin. Together triggered cells may in turn produce mediators that stimulate and strengthen other cells of the immune system of the body to combat the cancerous cells. Since the growth of cancerous cells is reversible given the correct chemical stimulus and environment, this explanation is not far-fetched.

Typhonium Plus® formula traditionally used by cancer/tumor patients to combat breast, cervical, colon, rectum, liver, prostate, leukemia, lymphoma and lung cancer.

TF-Typhonium Flagelliforme® Registered under National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau, Ministry of Health Malaysia approval No. MAL09071079TC

Suggested Usage:
Stage I, take 1 capsule 2 times daily before meal.
Stage II, take 2 capsule 2 times daily before meal.
Stage III, take 3 capsule 2 times daily before meal.
Stage IV, take 4 capsules 2 times daily before meal; or as directed by health care practitioner.

Typhonium flagelliforme/Rodent Tuber 100%

Packing size:
Packing with 180 capsules.

- Two days after consuming TF-Typhonium Flagelliforme®, you may feel stomach problem, little diare, faeces turn black and body feel fatigue.
- Sometimes patient may vomit after consumption, if this symptoms happened stop taking the capsule ,when you feel better, you can continue taking the capsules but reduce the dosage or consult with your medical practitioner.
- Pregnant women should not take these capsules

Disclaimer and Release of Liability
Our Main Principles

    We do not substitute medical doctors. We advise you to seek proper medical help.
    We advocate the use of natural herbal formula towards your healing.
    We do not guarantee that the natural herbal formula can cure you of your cancer/tumor, but experiences of others showed that the herbs brought great relief and healing.
    Healing can only come if you lead a healthy lifestyle, free of stress (physical and mental) and take proper food. Having peace of mind and to believe in God is just as important as taking herbs or the right medical treatment